Coal Reserves are highly concentrated with the top 5 producing 75% of the world's coal.
The U.S produces the most coal in world. The state of Wyoming leads the nation in production, and produces more coal then the next top 4 states combined (W. Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Montana).

Coal makes up 45% of all electric generation in the US, followed by Natural Gas (24%), and Nuclear Energy (20%).
YTD, electric generation from Renewables grew by 19% since last year (albeit growing from a small base); Renewables still only  makes up 4% of the total electric generation.


China dominates in coal production, despite the US having the largest proved coal reserves (28%) vs. China (13%).
Indonesia had the largest growth in coal production since 2009, increasing production by 19%. China was second, with a 9% increase from the prior year.

The growing trend in U.S. coal consumption has reversed over the last couple of years, as Electric generation has switched to cleaner, cheaper natural gas on the heals of declining U.S. electricity consumption following the 2008 depression.

Developing China's rapid growth in electricity production/consumption sourced from coal is one of the main drivers of today's record high carbon emissions.

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